The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

The international award for the DofE operates in 130+ countries and champions non-formal education worldwide. In 2018 it was celebrating it’s 30 year history in Ghana.

The brief

The worldwide Award family has been calling for a global campaign which all Award operators can get behind - something which helps us to celebrate how far the Award has come and encourage past and present stakeholders to actively support the Award, as it moves to support a whole new generation of young people. With all of the above in mind, 2018 offers a great time to create that first global campaign.

We want your help to find and deliver that uniting campaign - a call to action that people around the world who are involved in the Award – starting with our own internal audiences – will want to get behind. Something which will help to remind them of why they support the Award and to reignite their passion and enthusiasm for the amazing work that the Award does.


Our solution

We created a campaign that was unique and ownable by The Duke of Edinburgh’s International award, which was bold with a positive benefit, built with emotion, memorable and motivating.

It was a campaign built around the hashtag #worldready. Directed at participants and volunteers, from one global family, to an ever-growing world family, focused on a common and aspirational benefit.

I am #worldready.
We are #worldready.
Be #worldready.
Are you #worldready.


Film script


To launch the campaign, a Manifesto film was created filmed by the community. To help, toolkits and guides were created, a script was written and then this was briefed out to international operators. Over 600 individual clips were received, which were then reviewed, selected, edited and graded to create our launch film.

Millions of young people have already taken part in the Award.

Supported by volunteers in more than 130 countries worldwide.

To inspire and enable young people te ready themselves for the future.

To help them believe in the power of their potential.

To create meaningful change in their communities and beyond.

To become citizens of this world, standing shoulder to shoulder to say…

I am world-ready.

I am world-ready.

I am world-ready.

I am world-ready.

I am world-ready.

How has the Award made you world ready?

Share your story today with #worldready.

Every day over 1800 young people are finding their purpose, passion, and place in the world.

Learning new skills.

Overcoming challenges.

Working as part of a team.

Making new friends.

Exploring new frontiers.

Learning to lead.

Equipping themselves for life.

In times like these we learn what we are made of.

What we can achieve.

What we can help others achieve.

Surprising ourselves with what lies within.

Discovering there’s more in us than we think.

And learning that our potential is greater than we ever imagined.


Manifesto film